MFU handles variety of private information. We handle it with care and our Privacy Policy is as followings:

  1. Use of Private Information:
    • Introduction of our new products
    • Answering inquiries to MFU

    Those are sent to your attention and your address is used.

  2. Offering personal information to the third party:
    MFU never offers presented personal information to the third party without your permission. We will however, provided your personal information as a necessary information for outsourcing (sending product to your attention for example). In such cases, we also controll the third party to limit the use and protect the information.
  3. Disclosure obliged by law:
    MFU may submit private information only in case MFU is legally obliged by authorized acts.
  4. Security Care:
    MFU dose its best to protect private information from hacking, loss, leak, and controls private information safely to the best of its ability.
  5. Request of disclosure of your own private information:
    MFU will disclose your own private information in our possession. Please contact us at points listed in 7 below.
  6. Others:
    MFU respects and follows all legal responsibility conserning handling private information, and continuously tries to improve opur ability on this aspects.
  7. Regarding MFU Privacy Policy, Contact us at: