We place high importance on the voices of medical sites and health care professionals who actually use the medical equipment when developing and producing them. MFU, belonging to the Kobe Machinery & Metal Firms Association Inc. – Medical Equipment Research & Development Committee and The Medical Innovation Kobe Cooperation System (MIKCS), thinks it is indispensable to visit the sites and collect these voices. We try to grasp the actual needs promptly to create practical products in cooperation with the people at site.



We can assist you in many different ways when you make a pharmaceutical application. In case it is difficult for you to apply for the pharmaceutical permission on your own, we can do it for you. The big advantage of having MFU apply for it is that your design will be “free from fears of violating Pharmaceutical Affairs Law”. Any product which is technically possible will be of no use if violating laws. MFU’s development team has full expertise and can assure you our firm supports.

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This is the case where you develop the product and MFU make pharmaceutical application, production & sales. If you have an idea, but are not confident with pharmaceutical application, please let us know. MFU is able to help you! This is the case where MFU develop and manufacture the product with expertise and you make pharmaceutical application. MFU will make proposals for the practical products reflecting opinions collected at the site. Whether or not pharmaceutical permission is required, MFU assists the development and manufacturing of the products contributing to medical sites. We are ready to listen to even small voices and commercialize them.
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[We want to produce such and such a part, but it costs high….] [We are looking for a better part to suit our product.] If you have these problems, MFU is the solution for you. Please feel free to contact us via our inquiry form.
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We enjoy manufacturing the products which satisfy the needs and reflects the voices of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical engineers, radiological technologists, clinical technologists, medical technologists and more. We continue our challenges to commercialize various needs and accomplish our goal to create such products to help health care professionals, alleviate burdens of the patients and their family, and consequently contribute to the community health care.