• Parts
    MFU can produce the best suitable parts utilizing its wide network of different types of services including resin molding, machining, processing of rubbers and optical components plus various surface-finishing works such as painting, plating and heat treatment. The manufactured products are allowed for sale only after passing our QA inspection and being approved by our QA. Thus, the quality of MFU products is assured.
  • Units
    Besides parts supply, we also offer assembly units. For assembling, we can arrange necessary tools and the automation equipment which is essential for mass production. MFU can also assist in your production design with its manufacturing technology to make your unit highly reliable at lower cost.
  • Products
    As one of the other options we offer, we can manufacture the product of your design with the quality assured by MFU. Or we can manufacture the product based on your requested specifications, while MFU will be in charge of designing, arranging necessary parts, assembling and QA inspection to release it as our OEM/ODM product.
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[We want to produce such and such a part, but it costs high….] [We are looking for a better part to suit our product.] If you have these problems, MFU is the solution for you. Please feel free to contact us via our inquiry form.

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